How to Become a Human Rights Activist

People are suffering in many ways from different parts of the world. A root to most of these sufferings is the violation of their human rights by the state or other bodies. If you cherish human rights matters and change people’s lives worldwide, then perhaps you should consider becoming a human rights activist.

Through human rights activism, you will connect with other people to make a positive change in the world. Remember that your hard work and devotion may be the variance between someone’s suffering and happiness. Better still, you can help the people who are not less fortunate by merely committing your time to the right causes. 

How so?

Make It Your Career

Once you understand human rights (, you may need to think about having a career that involves serving others through human rights activism. Many paid human rights activists to take on essential advocacy work to amend the living conditions of the individuals suffering around the world. This way, they work to influence and correct the rules of governments and international societies. For instance, uses books or a YouTube channel to impact the world’s policies on human rights. Read on.

It would be best if you picked a career in unison with the volunteer work you are presently undertaking. That way, you will continue to acquire experience to achieve a salary position in the future. For instance, if you are looking to have a career in LGBT rights and are already contributing in that category, you should go on until you win yourself a paid position using your experience.

Establish a Major

Perhaps you want to become a human rights activist by going through college. You need to pick a major that will result in getting a job in the activism department. Some of these majors include philosophy, social work, law, and women’s studies.

Picking a major will help specialize your desire for human rights activism through learning more in class. Having education certifications that qualify you for activism puts you ahead of many street activists that follow the crowd. It also places you in a better angle to defend your career and passion simultaneously.

Post Applications

After going through school and picking a related major in human rights activism, you now want a job. However, an appointment will hardly fall on your lap if you don’t look for it. Therefore, apply your qualifications to many human rights organizations as possible. This way, your chances of getting a reply and, even better, an interview are high.

You can apply for jobs by;

  • Asking your network of fellow activists of any job opening within their reach that you can do
  • Check for vacancies in different human rights job boards and websites online

Remember that most of these employers will want to know of any previous experience with human rights activism. If you have references from previous or on-going volunteering, you stand a high chance of securing a job. Better yet, it would be better to always keep in touch with people you worked with to mention them as your referees in your job applications and interviews.

Being a human rights activist involves matching on the streets for protests or donning costumes against biased institutions. You will need to have more like an education qualification to back you up and a passion for people’s rights. Besides, helping others is doing well to self, as tomorrow might need help.

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