Things To Know About Being A Lawyer

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Are you looking for a career as a lawyer? First, you need to have first-hand knowledge of the profession. Once you have a correct understanding of the topic, you can decide whether you would like to be a lawyer. It takes a lot of studies and hard work. So, it is imperative to determine if this is what you want.

What Does a Lawyer Do?

A lawyer represents a client in a civil or criminal trial and puts forth the client’s case carefully.

A lawyer has to provide legal information to his client. He will help his clients out with legal issues and disputes. The lawyer will conduct case law research, participate in a formal hearing, draft and then file every legal document, and defend his client in a criminal trial. Lawyers practice tax law, intellectual property, corporate law, criminal law, litigation, environmental law, and family law.

The Two Types of Lawyers

The two types of lawyers are barristers and solicitors. The former appears in a higher court while the latter gives legal advice to people. They represent people in lower courts.

How to Become a Lawyer?

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It takes about seven years to become a lawyer. That includes four years of a bachelor’s degree and three years of law school.

To become a lawyer, you need a JD degree. After the lawyer obtains the JD, he must pass the bar exam of the state where he wants to practice.

To become a lawyer, one must :

  • Earn a bachelor’s degree.
    You can earn this degree in any subject. It is the essential requirement to become a lawyer.
  • Pass the Law School Admission Test
    These scores are important to assess the knowledge and quality of the applicant.
  • Attend Law School and become a Juris Doctor
    Consider only the law schools that have been accredited by the American Bar Association.

A lawyer who had earned a JD degree can also get a Master of Laws Degree. This course takes about a year to complete.

A lawyer can also go on to obtain Doctorate degrees to get career opportunities in the scholarly research field.

  • Complete an internship at a local law firm
    The internship will help you to get work experience and understand whether you are m for the job.
  • Pass the State Bar Examination
    Each state has its testing guidelines. The test takes two days.
  • Apply for the post of a lawyer at a law firm
    You might have to start as an associate until you gain more experience.
  • Get interviewed
    The company that wants to hire you will call you for an interview to test your skills and see what kind of person you are.
  • Get hired
    If the interviewer likes you, he will offer you a job at his company. Here begins your career as a lawyer.

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Job Training

You can become a lawyer if you have excellent verbal and written communication skills. It would help if you were good at public speaking. You must have the patience to listen to clients carefully.

Possible Job Titles

In your career as a lawyer, you might become a counsel, esquire, or lawyer.

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